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  • QuantumWorkflow-as-a-Service

    QuantumWorkflow-as-a-Service (QWaaS) Project proposal funded under Italian ISCA-C competitive grantsP.I. Iacopo Colonnelli, PhD candidate, University of Torino Extended Abstract. Nowadays, quantum supremacy only concerns a restricted set of problems, for which quantum processors represent a game-changing technology. Nevertheless, typical scientific applications running on classical supercomputers are composed of very diverse steps. Some of them, like…

  • Parallel Computing Seminars

    2022 2021

  • Open positions | Parallel Computing

    Postdoc positions Applications are invited from candidates with a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, or other related fields (e.g., Physics, Math, …). Research topics: Parallel and distributed computing, cloud engineering and web 3.0 (including metaverse), HPC, and federated/distributed learning (or several of these fields). Candidates who perceive a multi-disciplinary approach and can work with applications…