Alberto Mulone

PhD Student at Computer Science Department, University of Turin
Parallel Computing group
Via Pessinetto 12, 10149 Torino – Italy 

Short Bio

Alberto Mulone is a PhD Student at the University of Turin.
He received his Master’s degree with honours in Computer Science at the University of Turin in 2023 with a thesis exposing the porting of a bioinformatics pipeline, called Variants Calling, for hybrid cloud-HPC executions. The main goal of the thesis is to assess hybrid workflows using StreamFlow, a Workflow Management System that implements this paradigm.




Alberto Mulone

Workflows for future High-Performance Computing Miscellaneous

COMETE PhD Workshop, 2024.

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Alberto Mulone

Cross-Platform Full Waveform Inversion Miscellaneous

ICSC - Spoke 1 meeting, 2024.

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Iacopo Colonnelli, Robert Birke, Giulio Malenza, Gianluca Mittone, Alberto Mulone, Marco Aldinucci, Valerio Basile, Marco Antonio Stranisci, Viviana Patti, Jeroen Galjaard, Lydia Y. Chen, Sanzio Bassini, Massimiliano Guarrasi, Gabriella Scipione, Jan Martinovič, Vit Vondrák

Cross-Facility Federated Learning Miscellaneous

1st EuroHPC User Day, 2023.

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Alberto Mulone, Sherine Awad, Davide Chiarugi, Marco Aldinucci

Porting the Variant Calling Pipeline for NGS data in cloud-HPC environment Miscellaneous

47th IEEE Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference, COMPSAC 2023, 2023.

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