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Marco Aldinucci

Marco Aldinucci
Associate Professor at Computer Science Department, University of Torino
Principal Investigator of the Parallel Computing group
Corso Svizzera 185, 10149 Torino – Italy
Phone: +39 0116706852
Fax: +39 0116706711
E-mail: aldinuc AT

Marco Aldinucci’s Research Interests

  • High-level development tools and languages for parallel computing.
    • Programming models and tools for multi- and many-core: non-blocking multithreading, lock-less and lock-free algorithms.
    • Programming models and tools for distributed computing: zero-copy messaging.
  • Autonomic computing. Performance models and QoS for parallel computing.
  • High-Performance Computing, exascale computing.
  • Foundational aspects of concurrency.

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A best paper award at IEEE ScalCom for Fabio Tordini

Fabio Tordini is the recipient of a best paper award for his paper  A cloud solution for multi-omics data integration at the 16th IEEE Intl. Conference on Scalable Computing and Communications (ScalCom 2016), Toulouse, France. Congratulations Fabio Download the author’s version of the paper  Read More »

occam@UNITO> Hello, world!

occam@UNITO> Hello, world! Occam, our own first pleasantly-sized oddly-heterogenous computer is born. Here 5 the IB switches to build a fat-tree of ~1K cores HT, ~16K CUDA cores, ~1PB archive, ~320 TB high-performance scratch storage. In absolute terms certainly not a huge machine, for research on HPC and BigData at University of Torino certainly a huge […]Read More »

Claudia Misale from Alpha@UNITO is the recipient of a IBM award

Claudia Misale, a PhD student from the Alpha@UNITO parallel computing group is the recipient of a IBM Ph.D. Scholarship award 2016. Few awards of this kind are assigned every year. Congratulations to Claudia. It is my pleasure to inform you that your nomination of Claudia Misale has been approved to receive an IBM Ph.D. Scholarship. This […]Read More »

Pint-of-Science Torino: Supercomputing and Quantum computing - May 25

First edition in Torino of Pint of Science “alcoholic” conference series will be focused on next generation computing platforms. Title: Computer coming from the future Abstract: Exascale and quantum computing probably represent the evolution and the revolution of computing as we know it today. The goal is the same: overcome by orders of magnitude the computing power […]Read More »

Claudia Misale from Alpha@UNITO is invited to DataBeers

Following up the success of FastData @UNITO! Claudia Misale, a PhD student from the Alpha@UNITO parallel computing group has been invited to give a DataBeers talk. The open meetup will be held on April 28th at 19:00 at Rinascimenti Sociali. DataBeers is organized by Fondazione ISI and Top-IX. The boom of big data is only […]Read More »

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