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Marco Aldinucci

Full Professor, head of the group

Sergio Rabellino

Senior Research Engineer

Barbara Cantalupo

Senior Project Manager

Yasir Arfat

PhD Student

Irfan Uddin

Now a faculty member in computer science at Kohat University of Science and Technology. Research Associate (2012-13).

Paolo Viviani

Now a researcher at Links foundation. Researcher at Noesis Solutions, Belgium (2019-21). PhD Student (2016-19).

Fabio Tordini

Now research Scientist at Diatech Pharmacogenetics. PhD student (2012-16). Postdoctoral researcher (2016-18).

Maurizio Drocco

Now scientist at IBM TJ Watson, USA. researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), WA, U.S. (2018-19). PhD student (2014-17), postdoc (2017-18).

Claudia Misale

Now a scientist at IBM TJ Watson in Yorktown Heights, USA. She leads the research group on next-gen IBM cloud. PhD student (2013-17).

Guilherme Peretti Pezzi

Now Group Lead of Compute and Data Service Support at CSCS.

Alessandro Secco

Now HPC system designer at Do-It Systems. Research Associate (2013-14).

Filippo Spiga

Now EMEA HPC Developer Relations Manager at NVIDIA.

Alberto Mulone

Junior Research Engineer