14th September 2022

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Morning 8:30 – 13:15

8:15 – 08:30


8:30 – 9:00

Director Opening and LN activities (M. Aldinucci)

9:00 – 10:30 ITWSHPC Session 1

Multi-Objective Hardware-Mapping Co-Optimisation for Multi-Tenant DNN Accelerators – Maurizio Palesi

Adding secure power monitoring capabilities to hardware
accelerators – William Fornaciari, Davide Zoni and Andrea Galimberti

The FPGA Empirical Roofline Benchmark – Enrico Calore and Sebastiano Fabio Schifano

There’s still plenty of room at the bottom for HPC – Roberto Giorgi and Marco Procaccini

Hybrid workflows for heterogeneous distributed computing – Iacopo Colonnelli, Barbara Cantalupo, Doriana Medic and Marco Aldinucci

Raising programming level abstractions to target modern parallel architectures – Marco Danelutto, Patrizio Dazzi, Gabriele Mencagli, Massimo Torquati, Alberto Ottimo and Nicolo Tonci

CAPIO: Cross-Application Programmable I/O – Alberto Riccardo Martinelli, Massimo Torquati and Marco Aldinucci

10:30-10:45  Break 

10:45- 13:00 ITWSHPC Session 2

Thermal modeling and management of hpc cores – William Fornaciari and Federico Terraneo

Monte Cimone: Paving the Road for the First Generation of RISC-V High-Performance Computers – Andrea Bartolini, Andrea Acquaviva and Luca Benini

Architectural Support for Trustworthy High-Performance Computing – Alessandro Cilardo

TAFFO: A Precision Tuning Tool for the Computing Continuum – Giovanni Agosta, Daniele Cattaneo, Stefano Cherubin, Michele Chiari, Lev Denisov and Gabriele Magnani

Customizable vector acceleration in extreme-edge-computing processors for supporting the computing continuum paradigm – Mauro Olivieri

Domain-Specific Language for the Compute Continuum – Vittorio Scarano, Biagio Cosenza and Carmine Spagnuolo

QoS-driven Runtime Management of Distributed Applications in the Cloud-Edge Continuum – Valeria Cardellini, Francesco Lo Presti and Gabriele Russo Russo

Networking Support for Service Continuity in the Cloud-Edge Continuum – Antonio Virdis and Enzo Mingozzi

Towards Machine Learning on the edge: the opportunities of Federated Learning – Bruno Casella, Gianluca Mittone, Yasir Arfat, Marco Aldinucci and Roberto Esposito

A scalable distributed system architecture offering cloud cost control and energy savings in IoT operation – Osvaldo Gervasi, Damiano Perri, Marco Simonetti and Abdelsalam Helal

Parallel Sparse Computation Toolkit: Towards Exascale Linear Algebra – Pasqua D’Ambra, Fabio Durastante and Salvatore Filippone

BootCMatchGX: a scalable iterative linear solver for multi-GPU systems – Massimo Bernaschi, Alessandro Celestini, Pasqua D’Ambra and Flavio Vella

13:15 – 14:00 Lunch 

Afternoon 14:00 – 17:00

  • On-going activities (Research, Dissemination, and whitepapers)
  • Granted projects PNRR (ITEC/CN,…)
  • New activities (quantum, computing-continuum, edge/cloud)


CAPIO: Cross-Application Programmable I/O

Across Project – HPC, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence Convergent Platform


Raising programming level abstractions to target modern parallel architectures

Location: Computer Science Deparment, University of Turin, Meeting Room, Third Floor

The computer science department is not in the city centre, but it is easily reachable with tram lines 3 and 9 from the city centre. Any hotel close to tram 3 or 9 in the city centre is the ideal place to stay. The computer science department has a private parking lot for guests: contact Valentina Di Noi in case you need it.

Train Station Porta Nuova: Tram 9
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