Research – Marco Aldinucci

Marco Aldinucci’s Research Interests

  • High-level development tools and languages for parallel computing.
    • Programming models and tools for multi- and many-core: non-blocking multithreading, lock-less and lock-free algorithms.
    • Programming models and tools for distributed computing: zero-copy messaging.
  • Autonomic computing. Performance models and QoS for parallel computing.
  • High-Performance Computing, exascale computing.
  • Foundational aspects of concurrency.


See Parallel Computing group project page

Recent Achievements

  • [2019] Member of the scientific advisory board of CSI PIedmont as a delegate of the University of Torino.
  • [2019] I’m now a full professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Torino. The first full professor INF/01 hired at UNITO in the habilitation turn 2016-2018.
  • [2019] Member of the Hyperion Research “HPC Technical Computing Advisory Panel”.
  • [2019] Dissemination Manager of the 14.8M€ DeepHealth project.
  • [2018] National delegate (Italy) at the EuroHPC governing board, EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.
  • [2018] Member of the Scientific Committee of the “Industry4.0” master programme at the University of Torino.
  • [2018] Member of Steering Committee of Euro-Par conference series
  • [2018] I am representative of the University of Turin in the working group of the city of Turin on “free software and open data”.
  • [2018] Coordinator of HPC4AI 4.5M€ project (The Turin’s High-Performance Computing for Artificial Intelligence Centre). HPC4AI ranked first at the INFRA_P Regione Piemonte 2017 call.
  • [2018] Member of the supervisory board of doctoral programme in Modelling and Data Science
  • [2017] Member of the supervisory board of doctoral programme in Innovation for the Circular Economy
  • [2017] Member of the board of advisors of Swiss innovation valley fintech firm
  • [2017] Member of the editorial board of Parallel Computing, Elsevier
  • [2017] Member of the editorial board of Scientific Programming, Hindawi
  • [2017] Member of the IEEE Special Technical Community on Parallel Model & system Dataflow and Beyond (IEEE-DFSTC).
  • [2017] National habilitation as full professor in Computer Science (01/B1 – Informatica, ASN call Dec. 2016)
  • [2016] Vice-President of the Competency Centre on Scientific Computing (C3S) at the University of Torino
  • [2016] Director at “HPC & Smart Data” Laboratory fo the Innovation Centre of University of Torino (ICxT)
  • [2016] Member of the IEEE SW-IT task force, i.e. Smart World (SW-TF), in the Emergent Technologies Technical Committee (ETTC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of IEEE.
  • [2016] Part of the GARR task force on cloud and service federation
  • [2015] IBM Faculty Award 2015 (spark optimisation).
  • [2015] Director of the University of Torino research unit in the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics (CINI).
  • [2015] Leading the Working Group on “Programming Model for Big Data” of the cHiPSet EU COST Action IC1406.
  • [2014] Ranked 1st over 481 candidates in the evaluation exercise of lecturers of University of Torino for the 3 years period 2009-2012 (una-tantum price, research and teaching, across 28 departments).
  • [2014] Outstanding leadership award at 16th IEEE International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Communications, Paris, France, Aug 2014.
  • [2013] Leading University of Torino unit in the EC-P7 STREP project REPARA (2013-2016, 3.6M Euro grant).
  • [2013] NVIdia Academic research center award 2013.
  • [2012] Leading GPGPU development workpackage of the IMPACT project (2012-2015, 230K Euro grant).
  • [2012] Contact person for University of Torino of the European Network of Excellence HiPEAC: High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation (2012-2016).
  • [2011] Leading Compilation and Platform Specific Deployment work package of EC-P7 STREP project Paraphrase (2011-2014, 4.2M Euro grant).
  • [2011] HPC Advisory Council University award 2011. Announced at SuperComputing 2011.
  • [2011] Leading Parallel Programming Models research group at University of Torino

Research visits overseas

  • 1999 – CS Dept., Uni. Passau, Germany – prof. C. Lengauer;
  • 2003 – CS Dept., T.U. Berlin, Germany – prof. S. Gorlatch;
  • 2004 – CS Dept., Uni. Münster, Germany – prof. S. Gorlatch;
  • 2004 – INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France – prof. I. Attali, D. Caromel (OASIS team);
  • 2004 – Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany – Seminar 04451 Future Generation Grids 2004;
  • 2005 – School of informatics, Uni. Edinburgh, UK – prof. M. Cole, Dr. A. Benoit;
  • 2005 – IRISA Rennes, France – Dr. G. Antoniu, Dr. C. Pérez, F. André (PARIS team).
  • 2006 – ENS Lyon, France – Y. Robert (LIP).
  • 2007 – C.S. Dept., Queen’s University Belfast, UK – prof. Peter Kilpatrick.
  • 2010 – School of informatics, Uni. Edinburgh, UK – prof. Murray Cole.