Parallel programming talks – Marco Aldinucci

Parallel programming talks

Keynote talks in international workshops and conferences

  1. HPC and AI, the odd couple. HLPP 2020, Porto, Portugal, 2020.
  2. Mnemocomputing. HLPGPU 2019 (Satellite workshop of HiPEAC 2019), Valencia, Spain, 2019. [PDF] 
  3. Toward Near-Data Processing service computing. Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2018), IEEE, Cambridge, UK. March 2018. [PDF] [WEB]
  4. Partitioned Global Address Space in the mainstream of C++ programming. International Parallel Computing (ParCo), Bologna, Italy. September 2017. [PDF] [WEB]
  5. Streaming in the PGAS Era. International Workshop on Autonomic Solutions for Parallel and Distributed Data Stream Processing (Auto-DaSP 2017), Workshop of EuroPar 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. August 2017. [PDF] [WEB]
  6. Parallel patterns, data-centric concurrency, and heterogeneous computing. The 16th IEEE International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Communications, Paris, France. August 2014.  [PDF]
  7. FastFlow: high-level programming patterns with non-blocking lock-free run-time support.  International Summer School in Parallel Patterns, Dublin, Ireland. June 2014.  [PDF]
  8. Turning Big data into knowledge: Techniques and Tools for Parallel Computing on Online Data Streams in Systems Biology and Epidemiology. Workshop in big data management, Rhodes, Greece. August 2012. [PDF] 

Talks in scientific conferences and dissemination events

  1. Machine Learning: the treacherous journey from data to knowledge (with examples from HPC4AI@UNITO platform). Machine Learning Meets Chemistry @ the Department of Chemistry, University of Torino. Feb 2020.  Invited talk.
  2. Towards DeepLearning at Scale. SPPEXA Final Symposium, Dresden, Germany. Oct 2019. Invited talk.
  3. The Joint Undertaking EuroHPC. Giornata Nazionale di Lancio dei bandi Information and Communication Technologies in Horizon 2020 – APRE, Roma, Oct 2019. Invited talk
  4. HPC4AI, an on-demand federated platform endeavour. Ospedale SanRaffaele, Milano, May 2019. Invited talk. [PDF]
  5. L’infrastruttura necessaria per creare interoperabilità tra pubbliche amministrazioni. Convegno “L’amministrazione pubblica con i Big data”, Torino, Maggio 2019. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  6. High-Performance Computing, iCom, Istituto per la Competività. Apr 2019. Invited talk. [WEB]
  7. The evolution of high-performance systems: from HPC to Big Data to Deep Learning. 4th Open SmartData@PoliTO Workshop. Feb 2018. Invited talk. [PDF]
  8. L’evoluzione delle piattaforme e dei sistemi ad alte prestazioni: da HPC ai Big Data al Deep Learning. Chimica passione periodica: Big Data: Modelli predittivi, simulazione, analisi, Dipartimento di Chimica, Università di Torino. Nov 2018. Invited talk. [PDF]
  9. Le piattaforme AI-on-demand come fattore di l’innovazione nelle PMI. Città di Torino, CITYLAB Ecosystem: i dati per le aziende, le città e le università, Nuvola Lavazza Torino. Jun 2018. Invited talk.
  10. HPC4AI, an AI-on-demand federated platform endeavour. ACM Computing Frontiers, Ischia, Italy. May 2018. Invited talk. [PDF]
  11. From mutexes to lock-free to atomic-less and back to (un-contended) mutex: A story in which energy efficiency is unexpectedly constantly increasing. Arm Research ltd, Cambridge, UK. March 2018.  Invited talk.
  12. Designing a heterogeneous federated data center for research. DiSIA, University of Florence, Italy. Mar 2018. Invited talk.
  13. Euro-Par 2018 event presentation. Euro-Par 2017, Santiago di Compostela, Spain. August 2017.  [PDF]
  14. OCCAM: Heterogeneous platforms mixed blessing of code optimisation. Riunione della Commissione Calcolo e Reti dell’INFN, Torino, Italy. Sep 2017. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  15. Data Science and enabling Platforms. Ricerca, innovazione e formazione al tempo dei Big Data, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino, Italia, Nov 2016. Invited talk.
  16. HPC come piattaforma abilitante: rischi e opportunità. Workshop of the Competence Centre on Scientific Computing of University of Torino, Torino, Italia, October 2016. Invited talk. [PDF]
  17. Atomic operations considered hARMful. ARM Research Summary, Cambridge, UK. September 2016.  [PDF]
  18. I supercomputer venuti dal futuro: Exascale Computing, International Pint of Science, Officine ferroviarie, Torino, Italy. Maggio 2016. Invited talk.
  19. Composition and Compartmentalisation As Enabling Features for Data-Centric, Extreme Scale Applications: An MPI-X Approach, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Paris, France. April 2016.  [PDF]
  20. FastData@UNITO opening, Torino, Italy. March 2016. Invited talk.
  21. An Overview of FastFlow: Combining Pattern-Level Abstraction and Efficiency in GPGPUs. GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2014), San Jose, CA, USA. March 2014.  [PDF]
  22. FastFlow: Combining Pattern-Level Abstraction and Efficiency in GPGPUs. GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2014), San Jose, CA, USA. March 2014.  [PDF]
  23. Turning Big data into knowledge: systems biology droplets in the cloud. Cloud and Science seminar at “the Ramon Areces Foundation”, Madrid, Spain. March 2013. Invited talk. [PDF]
  24. A Parallel Edge Preserving Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Image Denoising. IEEE Intl. Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA), Istanbul, Turkey. October 2012. [PDF]
  25. FastFlow: high-level programming patterns with non-blocking lock-free run-time support. UPMARC Workshop on Task-Based Parallel Programming, Uppsala, Sweden. September 2012. Invited talk. [PDF]
  26. Pattern-based Parallel Edge Preserving Algorithm for Salt-and-Pepper Image Denoising. HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Lugano, Switzerland. March 2012. Invited talk. [PDF]
  27. Turning Big data into knowledge: Techniques and Tools for Parallel Computing on Online Data Streams in Systems Biology and Epidemiology. Bio-IT World Europe, Vienna, Austria. October 2012. Invited talk. [PDF] 
  28. High-level parallel programming: (few) ideas for challenges in formal methods. COST Action IC701 workshop, Limerick, Republic of Ireland. June 2011. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  29. The camera that makes you beauty (with a novel real-time video-denoiser algorithm). TOSM expo, Torino, Italy. November 2011. Invited talk.
  30. Performance and productivity in the multi-core era: challenges in software engineering and formal methods. IMT Lucca, Italy. November 2011. Invited talk. [PDF] 
  31. MyMed: Un social network geosensibile per reti fisse e mobili basato sul paradigma Peer-to-Peer. La notte dei ricercatori, Torino, Italy. September 2011. Invited talk. [PDF]
  32. FastFlow: Performance and Productivity in the Exascale Era. IBM Research, Exascale laboratory, Dublin, Ireland. October 2011. Invited talk.
  33. FastFlow: Performance and Productivity in the Multicore Era. Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO), Torino, Italy. October 2011. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  34. On Parallelizing On-Line Statistics for Stochastic Biological Simulations. Workshop on High Performance Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (HiBB), Bordeaux, France. August 2011.  [PDF]
  35. Accelerating code on multi-cores with FastFlow. Euro-Par 2011, Bordeaux, France. August 2011. [PDF]
  36. On Designing Multicore-Aware Simulators for Biological Systems. IEEE Euromicro PDP 2011: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Ayia Napa, Ciprus. February 2011.  [PDF]
  37. Efficient Smith-Waterman on multi-core with FastFlow. PDP 2010: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Pisa, Italy. February 2010.  [PDF]
  38. FastFlow: a pattern-based programming framework for multicores. Schoss Dagstuhl – seminar 10191, Germany. May 2010. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  39. Efficient streaming applications on multi-core with FastFlow: the biosequence alignment test-bed. ParCo 2009, Lyon, France. September 2009.  [PDF]
  40. STKM on SCA: A unified framework with components, workflows and algorithmic skeletons. EuroPar 2009, Delft, The Netherlands. September 2009.  [PDF]
  41. Towards Hierarchical Management of Autonomic Components: a Case Study. Euromicro PDP 2009: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Weimar, Germany. February 2009.  [PDF]
  42. Autonomic components in GCM. CoreGRID Scientific Advisory Board, Amsterdam, The Netherland. May 2008. Invited talk.
  43. Towards a Formal Semantics for Autonomic Components. CoreGRID Symposium, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain. August 2008. [PDF]
  44. VirtuaLinux: Una soluzione open source per il clustering HPC. Net & System Security, Pisa, Italia (in Italian). November 2007. Invited talk. [PDF]
  45. Behavioural skeletons for component autonomic management on grids. CoreGRID Workshop on Grid Programming Model, Grid and P2P Systems Architecture, Grid Systems, Tools and Environments, Heraklion, Crete, Greece. June, 2007. [PDF]
  46. Taming the grid through dynamic adaptation: results and open problems. Last Advances in Computer Science, San Cristobal de la Laguna, Tenerife, Canarian Islands, Spain. November 2006. Invited talk. [PDF]
  47. Fault-tolerant data sharing for high-level grid programming: a hierarchical storage architecture. CoreGRID Integration Workshop, Krakow, Poland. October 2006. [PDF]
  48. Autonomic QoS in ASSIST Grid-aware components. IEEE Euromicro PDP 2006: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Montbéliard, France. February 2006. [PDF]
  49. Building Interoperable Grid-aware ASSIST Applications via Web Services. ParCo 2005, Malaga, Spain. September 2005.  [PDF]
  50. Towards a distributed scalable data service for the Grid. ParCo 2005, Malaga, Spain. September 2005.  [PDF]
  51. Dynamic reconfiguration of grid-aware applications in ASSIST. Euro-Par 2005, Lisbon, Portugal. September 2005.  [PDF]
  52. Accelerating Apache farms through ad-HOC distributed scalable object repository. Euro-Par 2004, Pisa, Italy. September 2004.  [PDF]
  53. Rendering Grid Heterogeneity Harmless. Dagstuhl Seminar 04451 – Future Generation Grids, Germany. November 2004.  Invited talk. [PDF]
  54. Optimization techniques for implementing parallel skeletons in Grid. CMPP 2004 (in conjunction with MPC 04), Stirling, Scotland. July 2004.  [PDF]
  55. An operational semantics for skeletons. ParCo 2003, Dresden, Germany. September 2003. [PDF]
  56. A framework for experimenting with structured parallel programming environment design. ParCo 2003, Dresden, Germany. September 2003.  [PDF]
  57. ASSIST demo: a high level, high performance, portable, structured parallel programming environment at work. 9th Intl Euro-Par 2003: Parallel and Distributed Computing, Austria. August 2003.  [PDF]
  58. eskimo: experimenting skeletons on the shared address model. HLPP 2003, Paris, France. June 2003.  [PDF]
  59. The META transformation tool for skeleton-based language. CMPP 2000, Ponte de Lima, Portugal. July 2000.