Parallel programming talks – Marco Aldinucci

Parallel programming talks

Keynote talks in international workshops and conferences

  1. Toward Near-Data Processing service computing. Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2018), IEEE, Cambridge, UK. March 2018. [PDF] [WEB]
  2. Partitioned Global Address Space in the mainstream of C++ programming. International Parallel Computing (ParCo), Bologna, Italy. September 2017. [PDF] [WEB]
  3. Streaming in the PGAS Era. International Workshop on Autonomic Solutions for Parallel and Distributed Data Stream Processing (Auto-DaSP 2017), Workshop of EuroPar 2017, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. August 2017. [PDF] [WEB]
  4. Parallel patterns, data-centric concurrency, and heterogeneous computing. The 16th IEEE International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Communications, Paris, France. August 2014.  [PDF]
  5. FastFlow: high-level programming patterns with non-blocking lock-free run-time support.  International Summer School in Parallel Patterns, Dublin, Ireland. June 2014.  [PDF]
  6. Turning Big data into knowledge: Techniques and Tools for Parallel Computing on Online Data Streams in Systems Biology and Epidemiology. Workshop in big data management, Rhodes, Greece. August 2012. [PDF] 

Talks in scientific conferences and dissemination events

  1. L’evoluzione delle piattaforme e dei sistemi ad alte prestazioni: da HPC ai Big Data al Deep Learning. Chimica passione periodica: Big Data: Modelli predittivi, simulazione, analisi, Dipartimento di Chimica, Università di Torini. Nov 2018. Invited talk. [PDF]
  2. Le piattaforme AI-on-demand come fattore di l’innovazione nelle PMI. Città di Torino, CITYLAB Ecosystem: i dati per le aziende, le città e le università, Nuvola Lavazza Torino. Jun 2018. Invited talk.
  3. HPC4AI, an AI-on-demand federated platform endeavour. ACM Computing Frontiers, Ischia, Italy. May 2018. Invited talk. [PDF]
  4. From mutexes to lock-free to atomic-less and back to (un-contended) mutex: A story in which energy efficiency is unexpectedly constantly increasing. Arm Research ltd, Cambridge, UK. March 2018.  Invited talk.
  5. Designing a heterogeneous federated data center for research. DiSIA, University of Florence, Italy. March2018. Invited talk.
  6. Euro-Par 2018 event presentation. Euro-Par 2017, Santiago di Compostela, Spain. August 2017.  [PDF]
  7. OCCAM: Heterogeneous platforms mixed blessing of code optimisation. Riunione della Commissione Calcolo e Reti dell’INFN, Torino, Italy. September 2017. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  8. Data Science and enabling Platforms. Ricerca, innovazione e formazione al tempo dei Big Data, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino, Italia, November 2016. Invited talk.
  9. HPC come piattaforma abilitante: rischi e opportunità. Workshop of the Competence Centre on Scientific Computing of University of Torino, Torino, Italia, October 2016. Invited talk. [PDF]
  10. Atomic operations considered hARMful. ARM Research Summary, Cambridge, UK. September 2016.  [PDF]
  11. I supercomputer venuti dal futuro: Exascale Computing, International Pint of Science, Officine ferroviarie, Torino, Italy. Maggio 2016. Invited talk.
  12. Composition and Compartmentalisation As Enabling Features for Data-Centric, Extreme Scale Applications: An MPI-X Approach, SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Paris, France. April 2016.  [PDF]
  13. FastData@UNITO opening, Torino, Italy. March 2016. Invited talk.
  14. An Overview of FastFlow: Combining Pattern-Level Abstraction and Efficiency in GPGPUs. GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2014), San Jose, CA, USA. March 2014.  [PDF]
  15. FastFlow: Combining Pattern-Level Abstraction and Efficiency in GPGPUs. GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2014), San Jose, CA, USA. March 2014.  [PDF]
  16. Turning Big data into knowledge: systems biology droplets in the cloud. Cloud and Science seminar at “the Ramon Areces Foundation”, Madrid, Spain. March 2013. Invited talk. [PDF]
  17. A Parallel Edge Preserving Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Image Denoising. IEEE Intl. Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA), Istanbul, Turkey. October 2012. [PDF]
  18. FastFlow: high-level programming patterns with non-blocking lock-free run-time support. UPMARC Workshop on Task-Based Parallel Programming, Uppsala, Sweden. September 2012. Invited talk. [PDF]
  19. Pattern-based Parallel Edge Preserving Algorithm for Salt-and-Pepper Image Denoising. HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, Lugano, Switzerland. March 2012. Invited talk. [PDF]
  20. Turning Big data into knowledge: Techniques and Tools for Parallel Computing on Online Data Streams in Systems Biology and Epidemiology. Bio-IT World Europe, Vienna, Austria. October 2012. Invited talk. [PDF] 
  21. High-level parallel programming: (few) ideas for challenges in formal methods. COST Action IC701 workshop, Limerick, Republic of Ireland. June 2011. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  22. The camera that makes you beauty (with a novel real-time video-denoiser algorithm). TOSM expo, Torino, Italy. November 2011. Invited talk.
  23. Performance and productivity in the multi-core era: challenges in software engineering and formal methods. IMT Lucca, Italy. November 2011. Invited talk. [PDF] 
  24. MyMed: Un social network geosensibile per reti fisse e mobili basato sul paradigma Peer-to-Peer. La notte dei ricercatori, Torino, Italy. September 2011. Invited talk. [PDF]
  25. FastFlow: Performance and Productivity in the Exascale Era. IBM Research, Exascale laboratory, Dublin, Ireland. October 2011. Invited talk.
  26. FastFlow: Performance and Productivity in the Multicore Era. Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO), Torino, Italy. October 2011. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  27. On Parallelizing On-Line Statistics for Stochastic Biological Simulations. Workshop on High Performance Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (HiBB), Bordeaux, France. August 2011.  [PDF]
  28. Accelerating code on multi-cores with FastFlow. Euro-Par 2011, Bordeaux, France. August 2011. [PDF]
  29. On Designing Multicore-Aware Simulators for Biological Systems. IEEE Euromicro PDP 2011: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Ayia Napa, Ciprus. February 2011.  [PDF]
  30. Efficient Smith-Waterman on multi-core with FastFlow. PDP 2010: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Pisa, Italy. February 2010.  [PDF]
  31. FastFlow: a pattern-based programming framework for multicores. Schoss Dagstuhl – seminar 10191, Germany. May 2010. Invited talk.  [PDF]
  32. Efficient streaming applications on multi-core with FastFlow: the biosequence alignment test-bed. ParCo 2009, Lyon, France. September 2009.  [PDF]
  33. STKM on SCA: A unified framework with components, workflows and algorithmic skeletons. EuroPar 2009, Delft, The Netherlands. September 2009.  [PDF]
  34. Towards Hierarchical Management of Autonomic Components: a Case Study. Euromicro PDP 2009: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Weimar, Germany. February 2009.  [PDF]
  35. Autonomic components in GCM. CoreGRID Scientific Advisory Board, Amsterdam, The Netherland. May 2008. Invited talk.
  36. Towards a Formal Semantics for Autonomic Components. CoreGRID Symposium, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Island, Spain. August 2008. [PDF]
  37. VirtuaLinux: Una soluzione open source per il clustering HPC. Net & System Security, Pisa, Italia (in Italian). November 2007. Invited talk. [PDF]
  38. Behavioural skeletons for component autonomic management on grids. CoreGRID Workshop on Grid Programming Model, Grid and P2P Systems Architecture, Grid Systems, Tools and Environments, Heraklion, Crete, Greece. June, 2007. [PDF]
  39. Taming the grid through dynamic adaptation: results and open problems. Last Advances in Computer Science, San Cristobal de la Laguna, Tenerife, Canarian Islands, Spain. November 2006. Invited talk. [PDF]
  40. Fault-tolerant data sharing for high-level grid programming: a hierarchical storage architecture. CoreGRID Integration Workshop, Krakow, Poland. October 2006. [PDF]
  41. Autonomic QoS in ASSIST Grid-aware components. IEEE Euromicro PDP 2006: Parallel Distributed and network-based Processing, Montbéliard, France. February 2006. [PDF]
  42. Building Interoperable Grid-aware ASSIST Applications via Web Services. ParCo 2005, Malaga, Spain. September 2005.  [PDF]
  43. Towards a distributed scalable data service for the Grid. ParCo 2005, Malaga, Spain. September 2005.  [PDF]
  44. Dynamic reconfiguration of grid-aware applications in ASSIST. Euro-Par 2005, Lisbon, Portugal. September 2005.  [PDF]
  45. Accelerating Apache farms through ad-HOC distributed scalable object repository. Euro-Par 2004, Pisa, Italy. September 2004.  [PDF]
  46. Rendering Grid Heterogeneity Harmless. Dagstuhl Seminar 04451 – Future Generation Grids, Germany. November 2004.  Invited talk. [PDF]
  47. Optimization techniques for implementing parallel skeletons in Grid. CMPP 2004 (in conjunction with MPC 04), Stirling, Scotland. July 2004.  [PDF]
  48. An operational semantics for skeletons. ParCo 2003, Dresden, Germany. September 2003. [PDF]
  49. A framework for experimenting with structured parallel programming environment design. ParCo 2003, Dresden, Germany. September 2003.  [PDF]
  50. ASSIST demo: a high level, high performance, portable, structured parallel programming environment at work. 9th Intl Euro-Par 2003: Parallel and Distributed Computing, Austria. August 2003.  [PDF]
  51. eskimo: experimenting skeletons on the shared address model. HLPP 2003, Paris, France. June 2003.  [PDF]
  52. The META transformation tool for skeleton-based language. CMPP 2000, Ponte de Lima, Portugal. July 2000.