Parallel computing research projects

Parallel computing research projects (on going)

  • OptiBike (EU I4MS): Robust Lightweight Composite Bicycle design and optimization, experiment of EU i4MS Fortissimo2 project (2017, 24 months, total cost 230K €).
  • Toreador (EC-RIA, H2020, ICT-2015-16 big data): TrustwOrthy model-awaRE Analytics Data platfORm (2016, 36 months, total cost 6.2M €).
  • DIMA-HUB (EU I4MS): Regional Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub (2016, 6 months).
  • Rephrase (EC-RIA, H2020, ICT-2014-1): Refactoring Parallel Heterogeneous Resource-Aware Applications – a Software Engineering Approach (2015, 36 months, total cost 3.5M €).
  • cHiPSet (EC-COST Action IC1406): High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications (2015, 48 months).
  • NESUS (EC-COST Action IC1305): Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (2014, 48 months).
  • HiPEAC (EC-NoE,7th FP) European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded and Compilation (2012, 48 months).

Industrial cooperations (ongoing)

Formal methods research projects (as part of formal methods group)

  • HyVar (EC-RIA, H2020, ICT-2014-1): Scalable Hybrid Variability for Distributed Evolving Software Systems (2015, 36 months, total cost 2.8M €).
  • BETTY (EC-COST Action IC1201): Behavioural Types for Reliable Large-Scale Software Systems. (2012, 48 months).

Completed (2008-now)

  • REPARA (EC-STREP, 7th FP): Reengineering and Enabling Performance And poweR of Applications (2013, 36 months, total cost 3.5M €).
  • CINA (MIUR PRIN): Compositionality, Interaction, Negotiation, Autonomicity for the future ICT society (2013, 36 months).
  • ParaPhrase (EC-STREP, 7th FP): Parallel Patterns for Adaptive Heterogeneous Multicore Systems (2011, 42 months, total cost 4.2M €).
  • SALT (founded by Compagnia di San Paolo): Self-adaptive, Autonomic, Light Types (2013-2015).
  • IMPACT (founded by Compagnia di San Paolo): Innovative Methods for Particle Colliders at the Terascale (2012, 36 months).
  • ASCENS (EC-IP, 7th FP): autonomic service-component ensembles (2010, 48 months, associate member).
  • IPODS (MIUR PRIN): Interacting Processes in Open-ended Distributed Systems (2009, 24 months).
  • BioBITs (founded by Regione Piemonte): Developing white and green biotechnologies by converging platforms from biology and information technology towards metagenomics (2009, 36 months).
  • MyMED (EC Italy-France cooperation (Alpi)): myMed: an transnational computer network for content sharing on desktop and mobile clients (2010, 36 months).